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UK Flights Marche - Abruzzo - Tuscany - Umbria

Pescara   Abruzzo   
- Marche                                            Stansted  Ryan air       1 hr
45  min
Perugia   Umbria - Tuscany - Marche                                Stansted  Ryan air   approx
1 hr 50 mins
Bologna  Emilia Romana - Umbria - Tuscany - Marche    
   Stansted  Ryanair  approx  
2.30  hr
Rome  All Areas from Global Destination
and Airports
Pisa  Tuscany Umbria
Venice  all major airports  4 1/2 hrs
Milan Change for Rome  and Ancona  

Marche Airport Ancona
UK Ryan /air Stansted Exclusively

Ancona  from Stansted london with Ryan air   1 flight a day
Ancona from Manchester/
Liverpool with ryan air  1 flight a day
Ancona from Dublin  with Ryan air  1 flight a day
Ancona from Munuch  lufthansa/klm  3 flights a day long haul
Ancona from Rome 3 flights a day
Ancona from Milan  for long haul

All major car hire companies operate in the above airports.
Ancona ferry port to Greece. 24 Hours.

It is approx.. 1000.00 miles to Calais ferry port. 17 Hours Approx to Central Italy

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