.About Italian Idyll: Holiday Homes to Rent in Le Marche Italy.

David and Fiona Sheppard live locally and know the owners of all the holiday properties personally.  .
WE take our own photos and try to remember each detail of the houses so as to give an exact a
description as possible.

We recommend each of the houses on our list and only accept new properties if we feel they fit our
exacting standards.

The majority are country houses with pools, restored farmhouses and some more contemporary villas
all with pools unless other wise stated. Also we have a section dedicated to apartments and townhouses
in hill towns, right at the centre of Italian life. Walking distance to restaurants and shops.

Many of the properties on our books will not be found advertised elsewhere and we do not normally add
on any agency percentage to the weekly rate of the houses. It is generally assumed to book direct with
a house owner is the cheapest option but is not the case with Italian Idyll. The houses are not as a rule  
marked up higher and often we can negotiate a lower  weekly rate for you. Therefore it is advantage to
book through us in order to achieve the best possible rate for a chosen house and the added peace of
mind of booking through an established local agent who knows both the house and owner personally.

We also ask only a small initial booking percentage of  typically 1/5th of the total rent  on confirmation of

Although our business is growing and expanding outside southern Le Marche now the vast majority of
the houses are in southern Le marche close to the Sibillini mountains and within an hour of the Adriatic

To book a house through us please search our site and send an enquiry or call. See Contact Details and
enquiry forms on
Contact Us Page.

We will then check availability and confirm prices and answer any other questions you have relating to
your chosen property. We can also advise you which one to go for when we now your requirements.
We help negotiate prices and dates where possible and deal with the booking process.
Also go to our
SEARCH PAGE to simplify your search. Find a house with child security or WiFi, one that
is walking distance to a village or allows pets.

We ask a booking payment of typically 1/4 or 1/3rd  of the total rental to be paid as a confirmation at the
point of booking. We send you our a booking form and any information you require. We then confirm
again when the payment has been received. The remainder will be due 9 weeks before arrival either to
us or to the actual owner of the house. We will advise you regarding all these details.
Directions and terms of the owner will be sent to you along with any other information you need.

We set high standards with  the houses .We insist on a high level of cleanliness, quality linen and towels
, all relevant information to be at the house for your safety and ease. We also arrange a welcome pack
of goodies and essentials to be there to greet you. You will have been given all relevant  contact
numbers, info of key collection etc. We try to ensure you have all this well before you set out.

We will send you our own terms and conditions when we receive your booking but you can read a copy
if you wish.

Receive a restaurant Guide to the Area.

We also offer a comprehensive list of services to enhance your holiday in marche even further.
Although we are not always involved in the daily management of the houses on our books ( we do deal
with some) we offer these services to our clients. IE. When you book through Italian idyll you are able
to take advantage of the following:

Baby sitting by English Speaking Couple 100%  Recommended,Reliable and Trustworthy.
Taxi Service: To and From Restaurants, Airport, Etc.

Baby Sitting and Taxi:
Be driven to your evening or day time destination and collected while your children are being looked

Dinner parties, Special Events including Weddings, 70th birthdays etc.
Whether you require a one off dinner or lunch cooked by a professional cook who although is English
has 6 years experience with Italian Cooking as well as 20 years running a catering company in the UK.
I have a comprehensive repertoire of Marchigianan dishes , Italian dishes etc.

Wine Tasting in the Holiday House: David Sheppard offers Marche wine tastings in your villa and also
operates day wine tours to various wine producers in the local region.
David is a wine expert and before coming to live here worked for the wine company Justerini & Brooks
in St. James Street in London for 10 years.

Pre Cooked Dishes: Freshly prepared dishes chosen from a list I will send  you that can be put in the
freezer in your villa or in the fridge. Maybe  a dinner all prepared and awaiting you on arrival or a few
or a lot of dishes to see you through the holiday.
These are provided by the trained chef as described above .

Shopping: Email a shopping list of your requirements for your weeks hopping and it will be delivered to
your villa to be there on your arrival.

Order your macerata tickets or other tickets for the various events that happen in the holiday season in
Le Marche . They will be delivered to your villa along with prepared hampers to take to the opera with

Trouble Shooting: An emergency number to call if you need help in a critical situation and the house
managers don't speak English. We can help in a situation where you need people with experience o f
Italian life and able to speak the local Italian.

Contact Us holiday Services @Italian Idyll

To See A Choice of Courses to take on Holiday in Le Marche: www.lavitalemarche.com/courses
Cooking Demos and daily courses at a local hotel or restaurant.
Art Guides
Daily language courses.

Click here to the link to view: Terms and conditions to guests

We understand it can be  stressful booking a property which you have not  actually seen and we try to
ease the stress by being as helpful and communicative as possible.

Our aim is to ensure you have a thoroughly enjoyable time in your chosen property and will book again
through Italian Idyll and tell your friends about us.

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Restaurant Map of Le Marche
Italy Le Marche Holiday Villas - Italian Idyll Le Marche- Italy Le Marche Holiday Villas- Italian Idyll Le Marche Italy Holiday Villas Italy - Italian Idyll Le Marche
Holiday House to Rent in Le Marche.
Town Le Marche Holiday Villa to Rent
in Le Ma. An Italian Farmhouse in the
countryside.rch .In a Tranquil location
with Private pool. A lovely holiday
property for summer rentals , low rates,
availability summer 2009. Child Safe
Environment. vacation villa  marche
Italy. Rent  Italian villa  Italian
Idyll,property for sale le marche, area
guide le marche, apartments
townhouse holiday rental
lettings,Holiday homes marche Italy.
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MAY                €2195
JUNE                €2295
JULY                €2995
AUGUST          €2995
SEPTEMBER     €2395

MAY                €2195
JUNE                €2295
JULY                €2995
AUGUST          €2995
SEPTEMBER     €2395









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Click Here for Menu Glossary
Click Here for Fish Glossary

Eating out is an almost religious institution for Italians- it's always
on their minds and most conversations revolve around eating and
food. Like so many things in Italy eating is done to a formula:-
Antipasto is followed by Primo, followed by Secondo and finally
Dolce and Caffe.
However, this does not mean that you have to have a four course
meal everytime you eat out. The 'rules' have relaxed recently and it is
perfectly ok to have just one course of your choice if you wish.
Though the quality of cooking is such, that it is hard to resist at least
two courses.
Restaurants are normally happy to share one order between two
diners 'uno per due'.Be Brave! don't be put off be the lack of signs and
menus or the excessive flourescent lighting and dubious art works
which afflict a large number of Italian restaurants - these asthetically
challenged places serve the most delicious and interesting food.

Lunch rarely begins before 12.30, Dinner 8.00 and Pizza normally
only after 8.00.

Antipasto: This starter course usually consists of a selection of
Salami, Prosciutto, Cheese and Olives(often all home produced).A
mixed starter 'misto' often has house specialities like Fritatta, Bean
Salad, Bruschetta and Crostini. Often one plate of 'misto' will feed
two. Bread is often a surprising let down.Whilst when in season,
Pama Ham and Melon is superb
Primo: Normally the pasta course though risotto is sometimes
available. Often there is no menu so the waiter will rabbit through
the list of sauces then the list of pasta. Don't be afraid to ask him/her
to repeat more slowly ('piano piano'). If you choose the 'wrong' sauce
for a particular pasta e.g. boscaiola with spaghetti, the waiter will
look to heaven and make a noise. If this unerves you enough, just
ask what would the waiter recommend. Spaghetti Bolognese is never
seen outside Bologna, over here it is called Spaghetti a Ragu and isn't
a patch on the British version. Pasta is often home-made, served in
huge portions but surprisingly light. Risotto is best avoided except in
the better restaurants- it's a Northern dish and still a bit of a novelty
Secondo: Meat or fish course: often just a single cut of meat such as a
steak, a chop, a cutlet, an escalope or a fish. The waiter will tell you if
it comes with a sauce; the smarter the restaurant the grander the
sauce. Simple mixed grills alla brace are simple and
delicious.Vegetables are served very seperately. Stews available during
the colder months
Dolce: Puddings are invariable home made, brightly coloured and
rich- so save room. Zuppa Inglese, Tiramisu and Zbaglione are very
sweet whilst Sorbetto, Semifreddo and Granita are more cleansing.
Delicious fresh fruit is available in season such as peaches and
watermelon. One could write a book about the joys of Italian Ice
Caffe: coffee means espresso- a short, sharp shock of caffeine.
Cappuccino, after a meal, raises a few eyebrows because it is
traditionally the coffee of breakfast time only.
Digestivo: Sticky, super strength, medicinal liquers often round off a
meal.Amaro is bitter-sweet, Limoncello is a lemon liquer straight
from the freezer, Grappa is a mind blowing spirit from grape-must
and Mistra is from aniseed and sometimes served in your coffee as
Merende (Snacks): Bars are the best places to pick up a delicious
Piadina, Paninni or slice of Pizza (bakers are good, too).Sandwiches
are normally bland, sometimes offensive. Porcetta rolls are excellent
and availables from butchers.Children: Kids always eat out with
there parents here and eat the same as the adults. Kids menus don't
exist but staff are always happy to russle something plain and simple
up to keep the little ones happy.
Vegetarians: With the exception of the Secondo course, non-meat
eaters should normally be able to find some delicious dishes
available.It's best to ask what dishes don't contain meat rather than
asking for Vegetarian dishes as the V word does tend to fluster a lot of